Frostbite Grip Leaves A Story To Tell

Oh winter, you never seem to want to end; weather reports are predicting we might get more snow next week. I'm hoping they're wrong. On the plus side a long winter like this one should mean less mosquitos in the summer and for that I will be grateful once it does warm up. Anyway, what do you think about winter florals? For some reason I often find myself avoiding florals in winter--as if the fabric had any preference for what season it was being worn in. There's really no reason plaid feels like fall or flower prints only seem appropriate when there are flowers blooming; it's just fabric. The cool blue of this dress goes with my darker winter accessories, although I'm not going to lie I'm really looking forward to wearing it with sandals and a jean jacket.

Outfit details:
ASOS jacket (similar)
thrifted cardigan
boots (similar)



  1. LOVE this! that color blue is so beautiful!


  2. I love those boots!


  3. I love this outfit so much! And that purse...I've wanted it for so long :)

  4. I love that book purse! It says 'Alice in Wonderland' and you're wearing a blue dress, reminds me of Alice's blue dress. :)

  5. This is such a great look. I've been dealing with the same problem: seriously wanting to wear spring dresses and florals but needing to stay warm. This is a great solution, especially grounding the light blues in black. Plus it's adorable in the best possible way.

  6. I love that bag! I've seen Kate Spade do literary-themed bags before, but I'll have to check out Asian i-Candy. Very nice.


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