Necessity Does Everything Well

I never feel completely in control of my style in winter. When I want to wear a shorter jacket I'm usually driven into a longer, thicker one by necessity. When I think a pair of heels sets off a dress best, common sense dictates a pair of boots. Co-orindating socks and hats aren't chosen for aesthetics but rather warmth and the only matching pair of mittens I seem to be able to find get thrown into my purse every day. It's hardly the most worrisome aspect of life and this outfit feels very me, but I'm looking forward to spring and increased styling freedom every day.

Outfit details:
Anthropologie jacket
thrifted belt
boots (similar)
vintage purse



  1. these photos are gorgeous! i love your nails!


  2. Necessity aside, I agree, this outfit is very you (at least from what I can tell from your blog). I too get bogged down with style when it comes to the weather, really can't wait for spring either!

  3. The quilted dress seems very warm (& beautiful) for that snow weather! I have a very limited amount of cute mittens (Barcelona's weather is not very inviting to invest on winter clothes) so I have to wear them no matter what color coordination which can be annoying, I should definitely buy a couple of good looking ones to be able to change more ;) The hat looks so lovely on you and specially with the red lippie.

    The cat, you and us

  4. What did you think about the thread? You deleted it...I guess you're not up for any criticism.

  5. @Anonymous, I get criticism constantly and I deal with it in my own way--I even make changes to my content based on feedback; for example my photo tip posts is a result of requests. Some criticism however is crippling. I've known about the forum for awhile and used to read it, but with posts on my body/private life and even certain facts I've never shared publicly online, it was very triggering for me and I stopped checking it. I doubt you have any concern for my mental health, but since you are aware of the forum I request that you share your opinions there and please not bring it up here. This is my blog and I will continue to delete comments that upset me.
    If you want to criticize something specific and enter a dialogue, you always have the option of e-mailing me. Like I said, I do try to make what changes I can based off of feedback. If my blog is beyond redemption to you, then the only solution seems to be to stop reading it.

  6. I definitely know the feeling of not having as much control over wardrobe in the winter, but you still manage to look stunning. Seriously need that dress!


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