Today's title refers to the literal stone walls in my pictures, but also brings to mind the etymology of the term "stonewalled." Which possibly originates from General Thomas J. Jackson in 1861 who stood in battle like a "stone wall." Anyway, the origins of words and traditions is on my mind lately probably in part by a few days spent with my parents in which I would use a word and my mother would ask me if I knew where it came from (usually the response was vaguely) and the recent holiday of St. Patrick's during which I failed to enjoy a shamrock shake and learned from my Irish boyfriend that people on the island of Ireland don't actually pinch you for not wearing green. I don't find Thomas's accent hard to understand, but I am still pleasantly surprised sometimes learning about different cultural traditions and it makes me more aware of what is inherently American rather than universal. On the subject of traditions: at my junior high the girls received construction paper hearts on Valentines Day to pin to their clothes and they had to forfeit their heart to a boy if they spoke to him outside of class. All was fair in love and war, and on St. Patrick's Day the boys received construction paper four leaf clovers which they had a similarly tenuous ownership of. Did anyone else do that at their school?



  1. love that skirt! you have the best eye for plaid!

  2. I just like the way you combined all the pieces, and most of all, the orange pop of color!:D

  3. The skirt is awesome! I've been looking for something like this for some while :)

  4. Great outfit Rebecca, very cute. 2 Questions 1) I saw that you wore sneakers and a skirt with an outfit. I thought that was a fashion faux pas Wouldn't tennis sneakers like kedds or cons have been better (no disrespect intended)? The other thing is a history Question; is it true that Stonewall Jackson was against slavery even though he fought for the Confederate side?

    Have a Great Day!!

  5. @Anonymous, fashion faux pas are myths invented to keep fashion from being fun--seriously though, there's no reason you have to follow certain rules on dressing. And I personally don't see the difference between Golas and tennis sneakers; a sneaker is a sneaker so why would one be better than another? Anyway, if street fashion is any indication people are wearing sneakers with a huge variety of outfits you normally wouldn't find them with. Just see these pictures. I'm not offended, but while I might dress rather conventionally so it's not obvious I don't care about fashion rules, I am opposed to rules that dictate how to dress.
    On Stonewall Jackson and slavery: we don't really know. He never spoke out against slavery and he did own slaves, although all signs indicate he treated them very well…for slaves. It seems if he really opposed slavery we'd have a clearer indication of his beliefs--a public statement, a written letter, etc.


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