Back In Ireland

I'm back in Northern Ireland and Thomas has already been showing me his version of "the sights." It's always a laugh when his friends or family ask where Thomas has been taking me to around his country, places like the Titanic museum or Giant's Causeway seem to hover in the air while I blithely reply that he took me to an abandoned mill or jam factory. Of course I am kidding because I will be treated to plenty of castles, museums, and natural wonders during my brief stay and I quite like abandoned buildings. Anyway, it's good to be back and unlike Pennsylvania there are many more signs of spring to be found here--primroses and daffodils dotting all the fields with yellow and small buds on the trees promising further blossoms soon...

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan & dress
thrifted belt
Zara purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. This is such a pretty, whimsical look! Love it xx
    Julia in Disguise

  2. great photos! love that dress!


  3. A jam factory sounds amazing!

  4. It's a cute look and the pictures are amazing!!! <3

    Giveaway on my blog! :D

  5. I remember Giant's Causeway, what an amazing place! Enjoy your stay! :) xx

  6. I love your outfit and the scenery!
    Beccy xx

  7. Love these photos! Ireland is where I would love to travel next! It looks perfect there :)
    Pretty Lovely

  8. These photos are so evocative of the feeling I got while visiting Ireland. I love the entire outfit as well as the beautiful backdrop. I hope you're having a lovely time.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  9. So envious right now–I spent 6 weeks last summer backpacking around Ireland but sadly didn't make it up North. I ended up doing my entire thesis body of artwork on my trip. I'm hoping to go back someday soon.
    I have to say though that often the lesser/un-known places are much more rewarding than the big tourist draws. At least in my experience.

  10. These pictures are just adorable. Such a fairytale esque feeling to it. Love it!

  11. I love your beanie and shoes, and the pics look gorgeous!

  12. what an adorable outfit and that dress is totally too cute!!! the photos are great.

  13. Love the way the dress and shoes match! Aah, looks so nice to be in Ireland. It's so peaceful there. :)

  14. I don't think this look could be any more perfect. Makes me wish for a trip overseas! :)


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