Classy Girls Wear Pearls Or Not

Wearing: my typical makeup routine, plus Chanel Rouge Coco, Stila eyeshadow, Lancome eyeliner, and earrings from Etsy.
Of all the idioms I've heard "classy girls wear pearls" might be my least favorite. It could in part be due to the fact I've never been much of a pearl-wearer as shinier objects are more attractive to me, or the fact that I find the word "classy" a contradiction in terms. I mean, is there a less classy way of saying classic or refined than "classy" it doesn't remotely sound like what it supposedly means. I'm also curious about the origins of the phrase--any time I hear or read something I like I want to know the source because a tainted source can change the whole meaning. Besides all of that: I'm opposed to any supposed rule book for proper behavior in being labeled a lady, it's always subjective to culture and generation. Besides when shouldn't have to behave or dress a certain way in order to receive a label indicating respect--respect should be our default response for everyone.
Still, even I can admit when I like something that is usually the antithesis of my preference, such as these Dior-lookalike earrings. The earrings were part of Dior's Fall 2013 collection and they've been popping up in editorials, on red carpets and street style blogs ever since. My interest was limited by the price point, but since stumbling across some on Etsy they became more desirable and affordable.


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