Moonlight Is Sculpture, Sunlight Is Painting

All these years of wearing clothes and blogging and it's still interesting to attempt to suss out style. Like the difference between Monday's tulle concoction, yesterday's quirky accessory focused outfit, and today's more natural-toned ensemble with complementing abandoned wooden barn backdrop. It's sort of the way my personality tends to swing from quietest person in the room to aggressively defending my point of view to near-strangers. We all contain complexities and contradictions and the world tends to like simple stories. Ex-girlfriends get labeled "crazy" when they become complicated and confusing. People attempt labels self-imposed or otherwise trying to find the main characteristic of their life--wife/artist/middle child/athlete. Style is similarly confined: preppy, vintage, minimalist, trendy… Everyone wants the footnotes or hashtags not caring how many times the plot twists. It's interesting to try to be both consistent and true to yourself when those two principles so frequently contradict.

Outfit details:
Kate Spade Saturday dress
Fossil purse


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