The Subtleness of the Sea

Helen's Tower was located near the coast, so a seaside excursion was called for and I even packed the perfect dress in anticipation. I figured with Ireland being an island and all I would eventually have cause to wear a dress with whales--the knit made it an even more cozy option for the brisk excursion. I'm quite convinced that longer length skirts, even just ones that hit at my knee instead of above it, aren't the best for petite females like myself, however I'm trying to experiment with more of them this spring and summer. There's an elegance to a longer skirt that can't be found in something of the shorter more flippy cheerleader variety I usually favor. So, I'm trying to learn to deal with looking my height in favor of seeming more elegant.

Outfit details:
Shop Ruche coat (sold out)
vintage shoes
Zara purse
*pictures by Thomas


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