A Nymph, A Naiad, A Grace

I haven't worn a maxi dress in years--they're overwhelmingly dramatic feeling and when you're 5'1" then it's hard to find a maxi dress that doesn't require hemming. However, I don't like feeling restricted style wise or being intimated by a garment, so here I am venturing into rough seas in the form of a peachy, floor-sweeping dress. And taking a sartorial chance paid off; I feel graceful and dreamy in it. The only detail I don't like is the short lining which makes the skirt sheer from the knee down, I know "high-low" is the look, but I prefer non sheer skirts and I'll be on the hunt this spring for a long slip to go with it. It's strange to me that slips are often seen as outdated, unlike a constricting corset they're practical and usually make an outfit more comfortable. But I'm rambling, slip or no slip this dress makes me feel like one of the Three Graces. As my hair gets longer I can start getting back to my Pre-Raphaelite inspired looks; the pixie cut just didn't channel the romantic and "heartfelt" artwork the Brotherhood was known for...

Outfit details:
vintage headband


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