Lancaster For A Day

I still have a few Ireland posts to share, but for today I'm back in my old haunts in Pennsylvania hanging out with my friends, enjoying the sunshine, and madly excited to temporarily retire my suitcase--which hopefully does not diminish my good times in Ireland. It's just always nice after travel to get back to a familiar bed, checking up with old friends, and putting away that sweater you worn twenty times because you had limited options. Of course even my stop in PA is temporary since I have a wedding to attend in Ohio shortly…
Perhaps it is the suitcase-living or merely some fresh spring air, but I've added a few new pieces outside of my typical style--like this graphic, striped dress. I was intimidated by this dress when I saw the Dear Creatures lookbook, but I decided to take a risk when I saw it at Shop Ruche and I think it's really paid off. The dress looks like something a bit formal, but the fabric is a wonderful thick knit that hugs the body while simultaneously holding its shape; way more flattering than I thought it would be. It's definitely good to take sartorial risks every once in awhile.



  1. Loving those shoes, and I've been on a stripes kick lately as well!

  2. i have that dress, too!

    my makeup and hair were horrendous that night.

    it fits me strangely, like i have to keep pulling it down because some fabric above the rump kept riding up. i really wanted the orange one but couldn't find it anywhere.

    looks very nice and well-fitting on you :)

  3. love that dress! the pattern is so fun :)


  4. I do love your hair in these photos. It's always nice to come back from some travels and have free reign over my entire wardrobe again.


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