Maximum Impact

For anyone like myself, a little intimidated by the maxi dress, I couldn't imagine a more perfect transition piece than this basic black cami dress by LAmade. The fabric feels like your perfect cami, so soft, and it moves nicely as you walk. I also like that the shoulder straps are adjustable giving you some control over how much skin you show and what suits your frame. Being petite I did have to take about an inch off the bottom, but it was definitely worth the effort. I'd love to go to the beach in a piece like this, but since the seaside isn't close I'm settling for walks around the city and nearby woods. In my area with it's prevalence of Amish and Mennonite communities you sometimes run the risk of being mistaken as Mennonite in a long skirt like this--even if you are relatively bare on top! Of course people more familiar with the rules for each group can better identify a fashion statement versus a religious one. Mistaken religious affiliation seems to be a common issue for me since when I was blogging in college one of the most frequent questions I was asked was if I was Mormon despite my tattoos. For that reason I almost titled this post "modest is hottest" but I decided to not add to the apparent confusion...

Outfit details:
Anthropologie jacket
Zara purse


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