Sunday Remix

I talked about my love for this denim jacket last summer, but I'm bringing it back because I wear it so much! As a petite person it can be hard to find the right jacket and tailoring a coat's shoulders is one of the most difficult alterations to make. My trick for buying petite when you can't find a petite shop: buy children's. This works especially well if you like a cropped fit; I do for my denim jackets and sweaters usually from Crew Cuts. Most sweaters or jackets are cut a specific length and go wider or narrower depending on size, but not shorter to accommodate petite torsos. But children's garments differ in their sizes and are cut much shorter. My Crew Cuts denim jacket is a size 10; I can button it closed but I prefer to wear it open with the sleeves slightly cuffed to make them more 3/4 instead of hitting just above my wrist as they naturally do. While Crew Cuts tends to be the source of my sweaters and jackets, you can also find them at thrift stores by visiting the children's rack there, also many vintage pieces are cut shorter so that's another option. The downsides to buying a children's piece tend to be cropped sleeves and no accommodation for curves.


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