A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

When Amanda Moss wrote me about her dresses saying her design checklist was two questions: Can I wear it to a wedding? Can I ride my bike in it? I was completely sold. Not your stereotypical outfit ideas of how to make this outfit go from the office to a bar after work, but rather the much more everyday practicality of a comfortable length and pockets that most women I know are looking for. The linen dress she gave me is practical and so aesthetically clean--after wearing brights and patterns and patchwork, it's almost like a breath of fresh air to put on something so simple and natural.

Outfit details:
ASOS purse (old, similar)
sandals (old, similar)
*pictures by Kate


bestie said...

lovely dress indeed! and i adore the little poses, so sweet. (:

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

so gorgeous!


J. said...

that dress came out of dreams.

Nikki Williams said...

your nails are perfect!



AnnaMarie said...

The dress is lovely! I really love your sandals. Unfortunately, I can't find similar ones in stores; I have tried to find a pair. What kind of hair clips do you have in your hair? I couldn't really tell but they looked lovely.

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Love that covered bridge! Your photos there are awesome!
Two Hearts One Roof

Amanda Moss said...

This dress looks lovely on you, Rebecca! So glad you like it and thank you for such kind words!

Claire Petersen said...

Aah, is that little strawberries painted onto your nails? It's adorable! :)

Technicolour Dreamer

Anonymous said...