Lonely Road

I've worn these sandals on the blog before, but they really needed a decent jumping shot. Something along the lines of Hermes, the Greek messenger of the Gods with his winged sandals, whom these sandals are named after. Do I look as if I am in flight? No? Oh well, even if I don't it was rather fun jumping around this empty road for a little while trying to get the photograph. I love quiet spots like this one where you can act a bit crazy and no one will be the wiser. If I was with friends then I could act like a fool and having someone else behind the camera would legitimize the behavior, but when you're alone with a tripod you generally don't want to be observed jumping up and down repeatedly. Back to the shoes--it is quite appropriate that these winged beauties are handmade in Greece. They are beautifully made and from the front look like a simple, white sandal, but as you turn to the side the lovely wings are revealed. The sandals actually come in a couple of different color ways and if I didn't already have too many sandals, I'd probably get a second pair (maybe with gold wings...).


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