I usually feel as if an "outfit post" isn't an outfit post when you can't see the shoes or purse. I mean, are we to assume bare feet and no house key or wallet is practical styling? But sometimes you just want to spin around in a field of yellow flowers and your necessities get lost in the tall grass or pushed to the side for a few minutes. Between the frequent sunshine, warm temperatures, and beautiful flowers, this visit to Northern Ireland has assured me that summer here can be beautiful. People always warn you that it rains a lot in Ireland and while that is assuredly true, the country doesn't live under a perpetual rain cloud and there have even been days when I wished for a little bit of cloud coverage and a breeze to cut the heat.

*pictures by Thomas



  1. Beautiful. I like the blonde hair. It's evident that you are in love .

  2. I'm really loving your hair and that dress is gorgeous!
    It looks like you're having an amazing trip. I would love to go to Ireland one day!



  3. Beautiful pics, beautiful dress! I love the butterfly print--Becca

  4. you make me wanna find a field n run in it.. hehe
    and these pics remind me of bollywood movies. love reading your blog more and more everyday :)


  5. thomas has skills!! these photos are beautiful!

  6. When the weather is good here in Ireland, its the best place in the world to be! :) These photos are lovely!

  7. Who needs shoes when you have a field of flowers this beautiful? Love your dress too <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  8. I wish there was a field like this near me that I could frolic in. I love the vibe of these pictures. You look lovely :)

  9. This look just reminds me of Nancy Drew! The styling, setting and the photography are just perfectly that.
    I so love your outfits with all these beautiful dresses lately, makes me want to buy a cute frilly dress myself (although my usual style isn't so....)

  10. You are stunningly beautiful in these!

  11. Papillon, as in butterfly :-)

    I have a papillon dog, her name is Gypsy.

    Beautiful photos. You look lovely.

  12. You look wonderful, and these pictures are amazing!

  13. I have the same assumption about outfit photos that lack shoes or bags - it leaves me wondering all sorts of things.

    Love love LOVE the photos! Your butterfly print dress goes so well with the flower fields, and the color is gorgeous on you. xx

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  14. Beautiful photos!
    Lovely dress and lovely hair.. who cares we can't see the shoes when we can see the wonderful flower field around your feet? :)

    I'm in Yorkshire, U.K but I hear Irish weather is pretty similar to where I live. I must confess we've been blessed with the weather this year. If you were here 2-3 years ago, you might have struggled to call this season 'summer' lol ;)
    I've also heard a hurricane is coming tomorrow, hope it quickly passes us by.

    Enjoy your sweet time, my love!

  15. I can't imagine a more perfect spot for that beautiful butterfly printed dress. Lovely!

  16. Such pretty pics. Love the flowers and your new hair :)

  17. you look wonderful, and i adore that dress too! the colour suits you so well and looks fantastic with the blonde.


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