Boxed In

When my lease was up at my last house I moved rather than commit to another year-long lease; part one of my eventual move to Northern Ireland. The process of moving meant all of my belongings were boxed up and are now slowly being un-boxed at my new temporary home. Since I'm such an expert packer and box labeler (sarcasm) I'm finding clothes normally regulated to the back of my closet and having a nearly impossible time finding clothes that are more my default pieces. I spent a few hours turning boxes upside down to find a pair of shoes only to eventually find them in a box marked Christmas. As I said, I did a good job labeling things. Still, it's good in a way when it inspires me to pull out this Carven skirt which probably hasn't been worn in two years and these fun flats. I got the flats in college while in Europe on adventures with one of my good friends and still hang on to them because of the fond memories, but I don't wear them often because they're such a pain to lace. It'll be interesting to see what other treasures I uncover as I get through all the boxes.

Outfit details:
Carven skirt (old)
Zara flats (old, similar)
Modcloth purse (old, similar)



  1. Those shoes are amazing, I can see how they would be a pain to lace though! I have a similar style pair with buckle straps and usually don't wear them for similar reasons of laziness haha. I LOVE the photo locations with little pops of red!

  2. Lovely! I love how muted the tones of the skirt are. it reminds me of that other skirt you have (the one that you said it was like wearing artwork). I can see that the flats could be pain. I have some clothes that aren't exactly practical but I adore them so in my closet they remain. I love how you take photos of your surroundings... it's almost like we have a "taste" of the area. Super cool! Have a lovely day!

    Anna Neumann from The Whistling Willow

  3. Lovely photos! I love the whole outfit but especially the skirt it's so nice! Abi :)

  4. Your skirt is so beautiful! xx

  5. I'm obsessed with that skirt, it's gorgeous!

  6. I loove that skirt! Cute outfit and beautiful pictures <3

    The Quirky Queer

  7. Love that skirt, and such lovely photos with flowers around you.. Could you please tell me (if you don't mind) what camera lens do you use to take these pictures? Thank you in advance, Rebecca :)

  8. i love that skirt!

  9. @Rania I pretty much always use my 50mm--can't remember the last time I used a different lens. Even when friends help me we use my camera and lens. :)

  10. Your skirt is so beautiful, as is your entire outfit! Love the styling of your photos :)

    Bramble & Thorn

  11. Oh man, I feel your pain right now. I just moved as well and I was having a horrendous time finding my stuff when I needed it. I also do not label boxes properly, and there really is no rhyme or reason to what I put into a box. Hopefully next time if and when I do move, I'll have learnt my lesson.


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