Paisley History

Remember this old favorite? I actually remixed this vintage dress in 2012 because I wore it so much that year, but since then it's been residing more in the back of my closet. Definitely a case of wearing something a little too often until you get sick of it; sort of like listening to the same song on repeat or watching the same television show too much which I can also be guilty of. I regularly purge my closet of pieces that aren't getting worn, but I make an exception for vintage pieces or items that I used to wear loads because there usually will come a time when I'm ready to bring it out and wear it again...

Outfit details:
vintage dress
Seychelles booties (old, similar)


Serene Kurd said...

Such a pretty outfit, I love the way you photographed it!!




Annie Patz said...

OMG I LOVE this dress! I'm such a sucker for paisley print and a neck tie detail <3

Nikki Williams said...

that dress is so pretty!



Kristie Glenn said...

Cute dress! Love how the pics came out!

Revital said...

love this dress! it looks wonderful on you


Tessa said...

Your dress is absolutely stunning, it suits you so well!

Bramble & Thorn

Jamie Rose D. said...

This is such an adorable dress! I've never been into paisley but I love the print on this dress! The pretty colors look fantastic with your pink hair.

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Anna Neumann said...

I can see why you chose to keep this dress! It is very pretty and unique. I love the tie on the top. Neckties are absolutely lovely on dresses. Heh heh... I understand the feeling of wearing something 'til you're sick of it. I have a few pieces in my own closet. They are old and some are a bit "run down" but I refuse to get rid of them simply 'cause I love them so much. Thank you for posting today, Rebecca! Have a lovely day!

Anna Neumann from The Whistling Willow

Malka Isanta said...

This dress is perfect!I love it!

Kisses from Spain!


Pips said...

Hi Rebecca. Love the post. I was wondering where you do the editing of your photos to have the fabric pic in the background and then the outfit photo on top? I use vintage fabrics for my sewing and I love the layering that you do with your photos. Tks in advance. Pips.

Becca said...

So cute! And you always have the best shoes!!

xo, Becca

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Pips I'm using ipiccy.com--same program I use for collages. :)