She's a Rebel

I'm probably about the furthest thing from a rebel. I wasn't even a rebellious teenager. I got into a fights with my mother quite a bit but my acting out was minimal and I've always been afraid of authority figures. Even with some of the traditional trappings of rebels like my tattoos and pink hair I don't think I'm very convincing playing the part. But sartorially you're allowed to temporarily adopt these characters. You can put on a leather jacket, heavily apply the eyeliner and pretend to hang out under the bleachers with your gang, threaten to jump someone after school, etc. All my rebellious notions might come from episodes of Freak and Geeks and my anthem might be the retro super-poppy He's A Rebel sung by The Crystals...



  1. I absolutely love this! You inspire a lot of my outfits. When I was in high school I was afraid to dress like this, but I've found strength over the years to do so. Looking through your posts has changed nearly my entire wardrobe. I love your dress in this. I love your tights. I actually bought a pair just like them after seeing them in one of your earlier posts.
    Thanks for being so awesome and fashionable. Love love love your blog.

  2. Exactly! Thanks to fashion, I can be "off duty" model, futuristic girl, rebel, 50's housewife or poshy...

  3. Great post as always and beautiful outfit! xx

  4. Love this look, so fun.

  5. This look is super cute on you! It has such a 50's rebel schoolgirl look ;). I have those same tights, I really need to wear them more often.


  6. Somewhat unrelated to this post, although I could tie a few of these novels into your rebel theme (the quote on the Sylvia Plath cover made me think of you!) but I thought you might be curious to see these new designs for modern classic titles that are coming out next year if you haven't already!

  7. Oops here's the link:

  8. Those tights are super cute, you have such great style.

  9. those shoes are so cute!

  10. So sweet! Looks like you stepped out of the film grease! hehe!
    Two Hearts One Roof


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