2 Old 4 School

When I was in London this past summer I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to capture a good photograph of a red double-decker bus. Every time I saw one on the street I whipped out my camera and stopped whatever else I was doing to try to get that iconic vehicle. My travel companions were unreasonably patient with me and eventually I got the shot. So, I understood Thomas when he expressed a desire for a picture with a classic yellow school bus. Luckily my friends knew where a bunch of school buses got parked when they weren't running and dropped by there over the weekend for a few pictures. Thomas got all the school bus pictures he could desire and I had the perfect backdrop for my "2 old 4 school" sweater. I'm quite glad to be beyond the days of waiting for the bus on your corner no matter the weather and enduring a couple of particularly ornery drivers through the years...

Outfit details: 
varsity jacket (old, similar)
thrifted skirt (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Hey, this might be a weird question, but how do you stay so young??

    Is there a secret diet or skin scare routine? Or are you just blessed with eternal youth?


    PS. Thanks for another wonderful post :)

  2. @NP, honestly I don't know--it's not a conscious effort on my part, but I have always looked younger than my age. In Elementary school I was way undersized, as a senior in high school people thought I was a freshman, so I know I look younger than my age now in some ways, but I've sort of always looked this way. Also I don't know how much my looking young now has to do with being petite & dressing younger! For skin I do think I look best when I drink plenty of water.

  3. I just read your comment above Rebecca. Being petite and dressing cute (but never inappropriately, may I add) will keep you young in spirit and youthful looking. I'm similar. And yes, "water makes you hotter," so the saying goes. We may be "2 old 4 school," but never too old to learn. I also think that even when I'm an old person, I'll probably stick to pretty, attractive, and age-unspecified clothes/fashion, because honestly, I never want to look matronly.

  4. you look so adorable!!


  5. Wow, those bus pictures are quite impressive!

  6. LOVE these pictures! Your outfit is so cute (I need shoes like that now!) and there's something very classic about posing with the schoolbuses!

  7. @MarieBayArea I agree I don't know how I'll transition as I get older b/c I haven't planned it, but I definitely don't want to get stuck in this idea of "older/mature" clothes only. The thing is if "younger" styles (that most people your age don't wear) look good on you, then why avoid them? It's silly to dress like you're a certain age when you don't even look it in the face!

  8. These pictures are awesome! What a great idea using school buses as a backdrop, indeed very clever!

  9. I really want this sweater - especially since I still hang out (by which I mean "drive them places and buy them lunch") with my teen-aged cousins and I'm 26.
    But, jeez, you're adorable.

  10. You always look so amazing! I love how you look so good in every hair color, I don't know why but I really liked the pink. I started a school fashion blog at university of rochester! one of the posts is inspired by you XD!

  11. I should buy this sweater to clear that up for people who ask me if I'm an undergraduate or in high school. Looking young is a blessing and a curse. I enjoy the timelessness of the school bus. It's nostalgic. - Leah, stylewiseblog.blogspot.com

  12. what a fun photoshoot!

    xx nikki


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