Girl Scout

I rarely have a reason to wear a costume at Halloween these years--I'm far too old for trick-or-treating and most of my friends have fall themed parties without the costumes. But I do enjoy dressing up and when I saw this vintage girl scout dress hanging in an antique mall I couldn't resist. Most days I'll probably try to play down the girl scout look but since it is the season to "come as you aren't" I decided to play it up a bit. I could use a cute neck tie, but I do think my new purse looks appropriately on theme. I love the little embossed crossed keys and the handy size; it's made to carry your iPad or Nook, but also perfectly holds these binoculars and a map. Now, I need to go earn some merit badges!

"I will do my best 
to be honest and fair, 
friendly and helpful, 
considerate and caring, 
courageous and strong, and 
responsible for what I say and do, 
and to 
respect myself and others, 
respect authority, 
use resources wisely, 
make the world a better place, 
and be a sister to every Girl Scout."
Outfit details:
vintage bow
vintage Girl Scout dress
Seychelles heels (old, similar)
Two Tickets cross body purse
*pictures by Thomas


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