Michael Always Comes Home at Halloween

Fair warning: slightly scary post if you scroll down! Halloween has never been my favorite holiday and if I never saw another scary movie I'd be fine, however as I've mentioned before Thomas has a lot of enthusiasm for this season and creepy movies and his enthusiasm is catching. So in honor of this spooky time we decided to create a little photoshoot inspired by the classic horror: Halloween. We visited the abandoned theme park I've taken pictures at a few times before, found Thomas the perfect creepy costume, and enlisted my friend Jon to snap the mayhem. Strangely enough we were not the only ones doing a horror-themed photoshoot at the abandoned theme park on this day--there was also a creepy clown wandering around with photographer in tow! All in all it was a pretty fun day and I think the photographs do a really good job of telling the story. I'm already wondering what scary movie we should pay homage to next year. Any suggestions?

all photographs by Jon
Anthropologie jacket (old, similar)


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