Samantha Pleet clothes always seem half dream, half reality to me. From my favorite feather printed dress by her that makes me feel like a swan maiden to this new beautifully embroidered piece. Perhaps part of the reason is her inspiration--for Fall 2014 she tapped into the visions of Joan of Arc. Her story is represented in prints that resemble the delicate illustrations in old manuscripts, dresses blazing with comets, and dramatic capes that would make the wearer feel like a super-heroine. The Maid of Orléans is perhaps most literally told in the embroidery on my own dress; pierced arrows, present moons, and ominous fires form a unique pattern. Joan of Arc is such an intriguing historical figure and these clothes touch on some of that potency. I'm quite enamored with my dress and can't wait to wear it again and again this season. It will look beautiful with a dark cape on top, or a blouse layered underneath. I love this piece so much I'm going to have a hard time resisting some of her other dresses I have my eye on...

Give Joan A Sword
"Shaking the young stars from her gown, 
 Pushing the moon back, 
Joan peers down, 
 On lands by terror twisted bare, 
 That shakes with battle everywhere..." 
by Sister Mary Therese
Outfit details:
old flats (similar)
vintage purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. The dress reminds me a little of your blog background!

  2. i Love the print and shape of this dress. its so cute

  3. This is one of my favorite outfits yet - so simple, but that pattern is wonderful. And I absolutely adore the hairpin with it! I love Joan as the inspiration for a Fall line. This post definitely carries that potency that her clothes emit. Beautiful photos!

  4. Such a lovely dress and you wear it beautifully! Xo

  5. that dress is so gorgeous!!

  6. I really love the attention to detail with that hair pin! This is such a perfectly put together look :).


  7. Your hairpin matches perfectly. These photos and the dress are crazy dreamy!

    - alexis

  8. i totally agree with jennifer.. your dress reminds me with ur blog background. really simple but the pattern made it really something..

  9. I love this dress. It's unique, and you look adorable!

  10. That dress is SO cute, and I can't wait to see other ways you style it! Samantha Poeet does have some really pretty dresses; I love the prints and uniqueness of them!
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  11. The dress is darling and I must say you chose the perfect place to shoot it. Very "Joan of Arc." Your hair also looks stunning against the backdrop of the colored trees. And that last picture especially is so gorgeous!



  12. that dress is so cute!
    xx nikki

  13. The dress is stunning!
    I love embroidery and to have embroidery in those colours, well it's just a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned! :)
    All these beautiful colors go so well with your hair! Hmmm... :)


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