A Leopard Can Not Change His Spots

Leopard print has a bit of a reputation; in the same way plaid calls to mind Catholic school girl uniforms and lumberjack shirts. But instead of seeming schoolgirl, clannish, or woodsy leopard print reminds you of aging sex-pots ala Mrs. Robinson or Joan Collins. Not the worst thing in the world, but perhaps a bit tacky. Still I've always had a soft spot for the print--I especially like it in red, but in the usual brown and beige print I think it works nicely as a neutral. I also thought when I was initially eyeing this dress it could make for a good Pebbles Flintstone costume for Halloween! For this outfit I avoided the caveman and cougar looks opting instead for a classic trench and scarf. As is the case with many a dress, regardless of print, it's all about how you style it.

"Jay Gould's daughter said, before she died, 
There's two more trains I'd like to ride. 
Jay Gould said, "Daughter, what can they be ?" 
The Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe. 

Jay Gould's daughter said, before she died, 
There's two more drinks I'd like to try. 
Jay Gould said, "Daughter what can they be?"
'They's a glass o' water and a cup o' tea.'"

-Jay Gould's Daughter

Outfit details:
ASOS trench (old, similar)
Shop Ruche scarf (old)
vintage purse



  1. that trench is perfect!

    xx nikki

  2. This is a really cute outfit. I used to be obsessed with animal print esp leopard print back when I was a teen. :)

    Life With Antlers

  3. So clever that the leopard print matches the buttons on your trench!

  4. I love leopard print, and it suits me, but you're right, it's how you wear it and it can look tasteful.

  5. Cute look - love it



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