Do Hymn An Autumn Sound

I've been dreaming about this Family Affairs dress since I saw it last spring. Needless to say when it arrived in the mail it went directly from the bag to my back without a pause for ironing. I'll get around to that before I wear it next time. The weekend was too lovely to spend time indoors ironing, especially if we have snow next weekend (as some have predicted!).

"Go, sit upon the lofty hill, 
And turn your eyes around, 
Where waving woods and waters wild 
Do hymn an autumn sound. 
The summer sun is faint on them— 
The summer flowers depart— 
Sit still— 
as all transform’d to stone, 
Except your musing heart. 
 How there you sat in summer-time, 
May yet be in your mind; 
And how you heard the green woods sing 
Beneath the freshening wind. 
Though the same wind now blows around, 
You would its blast recall; For every breath that stirs the trees, 
Doth cause a leaf to fall..." 
Elizabeth Barret Browning



  1. This dress is absolutely gorgeous! and your styling with the beret makes it extra cute, love it! So nice to see you around all the beautiful autumn leaves. Keep warm next week!

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  2. love that bag!

    xx nikki

  3. Very, very cute. Love the fall colors and the every-so-slightly 20s feel to the look with the beret and oxford heels.

  4. Straight from the bag to your back! Ha, that's basically how it goes for me too. And that poem is dreamy perfection! Off to illustrate it in my sketchbook now...

  5. Oh, I do that ALL the time; I rarely pause to wash a new dress first or iron it... I'm always too impatient to wear it! That one is so, so pretty, and I love all of the autumny leaves in these pictures!


  6. How fitting... I was thinking that these pictures looked like something out of Ireland. I saw the photos and thought "she's a bonny lass." I know... I'm a dweeb but hey, you look lovely. Have a lovely day!

    Anna Neumann from The Whistling Willow

  7. That satchel with those shoes is just an awesome combination! I am loving the autumn-y colour palette.

    Demi |

  8. The colors in this post are phenomenal!

  9. THOSE SHOES. I have to have those shoes.

    Hah, this outfit is seriously adorable. You pull off the look really well. Now I'm off to go think about those shoes some more..

  10. Such a lovely dress and you look very pretty and sweet in it! Beautiful backdrop too, picture perfect!



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