Love Among The Ruins

It's not quite a castle ruin since I'm still stateside, but a recent trip to Harper's Ferry with my family revealed some ruins I wasn't expecting. There's just something quite beautiful about seeing the sky framed by an empty stone window, or watching nature reclaim a building. It was beautiful, if slightly crowded day, and I think this was my favorite spot in the cute town--a little more quiet than the shops and provided a nice overlook of the river.
Also, I'm working on that ladylike chic look with this dress by Betina Lou. I'm a sucker for a novelty purse and cheeseburger hair clip, but the style I admire the most and come back to again and again is classic and feminine. I'd wear every outfit in their latest collection, but the kitty dress was my favorite and I'm pretty excited to own a piece from this lovely brand.

"Now—the single little turret that remains 
On the plains, 
By the caper overrooted, by the gourd 

And I know, while thus the quiet-coloured eve 
Smiles to leave 
To their folding, all our many-tinkling fleece 
In such peace, 
And the slopes and rills in undistinguished grey 
Melt away— 
That a girl with eager eyes and yellow hair 
Waits me there 
In the turret whence the charioteers caught soul 
For the goal, 
When the king looked, where she looks now, breathless, dumb 
Till I come."
Robert Browning

Outfit details:
Shop Ruche scarf (old)
old tights



  1. Pretty ruins! I love exploring areas like that. I really love your adorable dress, that collar is too cute. You paired it well with that scarf as well.

  2. that scarf is gorgeous! love the print

    xx nikki

  3. I need to get out to Harpers Ferry soon, there is so much history there!

  4. cool ruins, there are a load of old castles near me and one of my favorite thing to do is exploring them.

    I love the colour of your tights!

  5. I particularly love how you've done your hair, it really complements the dress!


  6. This is such a beautiful look! I LOVE the tights with that dress, and your braids. You look gorgeous!

  7. I've always wanted to visit here. It looks so peaceful. Your dress, tights, and shoes are so cute!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  8. I like the touch of red in your tights and scarf :)

    Sweet Spontaneity

  9. Beautiful photos! And I love Robert Browning (although I must admit I prefer his wife's poetry).


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