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I don't have many opportunities to do a jeans remix since I wear them so rarely, but these black skinnies from Forever 21 are becoming a wardrobe favorite. Sadly I think the black is starting to fade, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep wearing them even if they turn completely grey--they're that comfortable. It's sort of the case of thinking I'm not a jeans girl, but maybe I just hadn't found the right pair yet...



  1. I really like your classic style of dresses of skirts but it's nice to see you in jeans sometimes!

  2. Your hair always looks gorgeous!

  3. You had me at "comfortable" skinny jeans! I haven't owned a pair of jeans I have felt comfortable in in YEARS, which is precisely why I don't wear them. Thank you for linking these, because now I'm going to try these out and hope they are comfy!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  4. Love these looks :) You could always try getting some Dylon - add it into your washing machine, and it'll make them look like new.

    Black jeans are notorious for washing out so I always keep some handy :)


  5. I bought my first pair of jeans last week and I couldn't stop wearing them-they are really versatile and comfy...But I'm still thinking about my skirts lying my closet.

  6. @Sarah Jess, thanks for the tip! I will definitely try that out.

  7. I'm definitely on the same boat as you are. I don't consider myself a jean girl, but I think that it comes down to finding the right pair. I recently bought a new pair from Madewell, and I think that I love them so much that I might start wearing jeans more often. Now, when it comes to keeping jeans from fading, I've always found that washing them inside out keeps the color from washing out over time.


    Sweet Helen Grace

  8. i always seem to be in jeans, its great to find a pair you're comfortable in.

  9. Have you tried Dylon washing machine dyes (or similar if you don't have them in the States)? You can buy the dye in various colours and they work brilliantly on cotton type fabrics. Pop the jeans in a washing machine with the dye and some salt, run a cycle and they're like brand new again! You then just have to run the washing machine at a high temperature to get rid of any residue in the machine, but machine dyes have changed my life :)

  10. I have a pair of skinnies from Forever 21, and I can't believe how comfy they are. They're definitely faded but they're a $10 pair (easily replaceable), and they're perfect!

    I love your remix posts because they show off your hair, too! I loved your blonde. You look so great in any hair color, it makes me feel a lot braver about trying hair colors I've always wanted to try!

  11. you can never go wrong with black skinnies!

    xx nikki


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