Let Me Take A Selfie

Being the slightly camera obsessed person that I am I couldn't resist this camera lookalike purse by Betsey Johnson. My collection of vintage cameras is slowly growing (I just added a tiny Girlscout camera to the mix), so it's only fitting I have a purse that mimics my collection. Of course, it doesn't function as a camera bag; none of my cameras will fit, but it is the perfect size for my wallet, phone, keys, and other various essentials I carry around on a regular basis. In fact it might be the most functional addition to my novelty purse collection. I always think it's those quirky details that make my outfits more "me." In some ways this is just a little black dress and a good jacket, but you add in the (faux) zipper backed tights, camera purse, and even the little fox belt and it's got personality without being over-the-top.


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