Let Me Take A Selfie

Being the slightly camera obsessed person that I am I couldn't resist this camera lookalike purse by Betsey Johnson. My collection of vintage cameras is slowly growing (I just added a tiny Girlscout camera to the mix), so it's only fitting I have a purse that mimics my collection. Of course, it doesn't function as a camera bag; none of my cameras will fit, but it is the perfect size for my wallet, phone, keys, and other various essentials I carry around on a regular basis. In fact it might be the most functional addition to my novelty purse collection. I always think it's those quirky details that make my outfits more "me." In some ways this is just a little black dress and a good jacket, but you add in the (faux) zipper backed tights, camera purse, and even the little fox belt and it's got personality without being over-the-top.


Irene Papadopoulou said...

love the bag!!!


Christiana said...

You may have realized this already (as a fellow Wes Anderson fan), but your fox belt reminds me of the motif used in The Grand Budapest Hotel, which in turn is a reference to the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Love the quirky details!

Nikki Williams said...

sooo cute! love that dress!

xx nikki

Sierra Rose said...

Great quirky pieces!!

Pay With Polka Dots

Michaela Scalisi said...

so pretty <3
may I as you, if you are a fulltime blogger? or what do you do?

thanks so much for your answer

xx Michaela

Olivia said...

You are the queen of accessories :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Michaela please check out my FAQ section. Thank you!

Bronwyn said...

This is such an awesome outfit, your quirky pieces are always so cool


Annie Patz said...

Ahhh I totally bought this bag! Being a fellow camera collector myself, I couldn't resist it :) you did a wonderful job styling it (as usual).

Eccentric Owl said...

That purse is adorable! I'm really loving seeing all of your novelty purses; they add so much to your outfits' personalities!

Angela StyleDoll said...

You look so pretty!
x Angela // the-style-doll.blogspot.com

shelovesdresses said...

These photos are so clever and cute. <3 Always love your posts bb <3

Megan said...

You always have the cutest bags! I may have to snag this one for myself as well!