Though She Be But Little

Although I'm 5'1" I don't consider myself a "petite blogger" or really think of myself as petite person most days. Still every so often you put on a garment and you think, "wow I'm short." This cardigan was one of those items for me. I put it on and wanted to laugh because if I belted it, it would be more modest and long than the majority of my dresses! But sometimes you just can't resist a oversized layer and it is quite comfy. With a tee and jeans it's perfect for lounging around the house, but to go out I definitely feel a need to keep everything else more fitted and sleek.
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  1. Love this look! It looks super comfy
    Pretty Lovely

  2. I'm 5'2 and forget I'm small till I try on a short skirt or dress and it's like below my knee though I don't really like short dresses that much so It doesn't really matter!I love your necklace and the setting! xx

  3. Most of the time I enjoy being tall, but when it comes to fashion - I am super jealous of you shorter ladies! That sounds odd I guess, but it's true. I can't wear rompers because they're way too short for my torso (trust me on how unflattering that is in .. uh .. all the wrong places) and dresses and skirts tend to fit me like a top! I would trade having a cardigan be extra long and cozy for my tall-fashion woes. ;)

  4. Hello! I love the outfit! I was wondering if you still had the same camera? :)

  5. that sweater is gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  6. @ziloa, yes I haven't changed my camera or lens in over a year. Although I think I've gotten much better at going manual with it. :)

  7. so beautiful! It's right, you seem so tall in your photos :) how do you do that?

    xx Michaela

  8. @Michaela Scalisi, I don't really try to do anything--except perhaps not posing with people taller than me! I'm 5'1" but I feel I'm proportionate. :)

  9. Haha, I'm 5'1" too! I don't feel like a small person, but then when I see someone else my height I am always suprised that I am that small. I think clothing wise maxi-dresses are a huuuuge wake up call for me.


  10. i love these photos! i have the opposite problem where most dresses are too short on me since i'm 5'10

  11. Hey Rebecca, do you style your pony tail once you've secured it, or curl your entire head of hair then gather it? I really love the shape of yours! Emma.

  12. @Emmika, I usually wear a ponytail like this if I curled my hair the day before and went at least one day without washing. So curled then gathered, but it's more the messy look that I like.


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