Outfit: Where The Wild Things Are

Thomas brought Christmas crackers over for my whole family and it was a lot of fun Christmas day to hear the crackers pop and tell each other cheesy jokes while wearing the little paper crowns. I hung on to my crown for a few extra days--I thought it would be fun to wear in some photographs with my new fair-isle sweater. This outfit makes me feel as if I should be in an 80s teen movie where they go on a ski trip.

Outfit details:
vintage boots
*pictures by Thomas


Sierra Rose said...

What a cute look!

Pay with Polka Dots

rebeccalately said...

This is too cute! That fair isle is gorgeous. Your crown reminds me of a knitting pattern I recently saw for a little golden crown.

Bronwyn said...

i love that jumper, i was going to get a similar one before Christmas. The paper crown is so cute, it should be a new trend to wear paper crowns


Samantha said...

Ah, crackers! So very Christmasy. Love this outfit, that sweater looks so comfy and your pictures are wonderfully lively!

Claire Petersen said...

Why can't we wear Christmas cracker hats all year round? They are so damn adorable!! Love your cosy looking jumper!

Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

Rebecca Jane said...

So much love for this look, and also how adorably happy you look in that first photo!

Helen Mae said...

Love this outfit!

Christiana said...

My husband is from England and we do Christmas crackers every year now! My little niece and nephew haven't even realize that it's not an American tradition :)

Laura Alvarez said...

Totally adorabe!

Nikki Williams said...

love that sweater!

xx nikki