Outfit: Winter Formal

Sleeveless dresses and high heeled shoes in snow is not a style for the faint of heart--but my day didn't call for cross-country skiing and it did have occasion to be a little bit fancy. So pictures were quickly snapped in the snow, but most of the day was spent indoors or in the car. I find it a bit hard to dress more formally in the winter without resorting to really dark outfits because I refuse to go bare-legged when it's under 20 and most winter coats are black or navy. Thankfully this cheery pink coat has filled a gap in my closet; it keeps me cozy but also means I can wear lighter colors without my outer layer clashing terribly. I love how it works with my new dress. Rosa Novias makes various styles of formal dresses in nearly every color under the sun. I snagged mine from the bridesmaid dresses and I am wearing it to a wedding--as a guest! Now if I could only find some nude or sheer tights that actually match my skin tone instead of getting me weirdly tan legs...

Outfit details:
old shrimp brooch
vintage purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Beautiful photographs as always and your dress and shoes are divine! xx

  2. Wow! Everything about these pictures are perfect! That dress is divine!! I love the white tights and the heels...Perfect pairing.

  3. these colors are amazing! so bright and cheerful for the winter.

  4. Oh I love how you capture the moment, and all that colours. <3

  5. Prettiest colours, you look like a princess! <3

    Andini xx
    Adventures of an Anglophile

  6. The outfit looks so cute; i love the colours and you shoes!


  7. Absolutely gorgeous! These colors look amazing on you!


  8. This is a beautiful photo session! I love the pink coat. All of my winter coats are black, except for one. I'd love to have a cute pink coat like this! And your dress and shoes are very pretty, too. You look like you're in Narnia!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  9. these photos are magical!

    xx nikki

  10. gorgeous! i love the pink coat.


  11. Love the colour combo!

    Www.littlebigimagination. blogspot.com

  12. Great look! That lobster brooch is a really fun touch, and I love the way the pastels work with the snowy background. And those shoes... Seychelles is probably my favorite brand of shoes, and something like that is a good reminder of why.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  13. That dress color is amazing with your hair and skin. Love this!

    I need a fun coat, mine are all dark and boring.

  14. Love the green V-neck straps dress very much, where can I buy it?

  15. We really like your style and we are sure some of our hosiery would look amazing with your future posts...

    Would love to work with you.

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  16. @Anonymous you can always find links to the items I'm wearing in the posts--so the link is right above the comment section. That dress is from here. The color I'm wearing might not pop up first b/c it is available in lots of colors, just select the one you want.

  17. Really adorable! Just love the bright pop of color of that dress! Totally in love with your shoes again! lol

  18. Adorable! With your hair, I keep mumbling to myself, "She has got to wear cobalt blue! Or a really vibrant purple - my color" and THEN the NEXT OOTD you choose, I'm now saying to myself, "Oh no, THAT'S THE COLOR (or print or both!)!!!" :)

    I also wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for the other things you profile ... admittedly, whenever I see this on most anyone else's blog, I yawn and scroll past BUT you bring me things that I really, really like and have never heard of, and, I love it, I love it!!!

  19. I'm very fair too and have always been able to find sheer or nude stockings at Nordstrom that are a good match. I think Donna Karan has a sheers line that comes in fair shades. Not super warm and a little pricey, but still the best option when you have a formal event and can't go bare-legged. :)


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