Outfit: Winter Formal

Sleeveless dresses and high heeled shoes in snow is not a style for the faint of heart--but my day didn't call for cross-country skiing and it did have occasion to be a little bit fancy. So pictures were quickly snapped in the snow, but most of the day was spent indoors or in the car. I find it a bit hard to dress more formally in the winter without resorting to really dark outfits because I refuse to go bare-legged when it's under 20 and most winter coats are black or navy. Thankfully this cheery pink coat has filled a gap in my closet; it keeps me cozy but also means I can wear lighter colors without my outer layer clashing terribly. I love how it works with my new dress. Rosa Novias makes various styles of formal dresses in nearly every color under the sun. I snagged mine from the bridesmaid dresses and I am wearing it to a wedding--as a guest! Now if I could only find some nude or sheer tights that actually match my skin tone instead of getting me weirdly tan legs...

Outfit details:
old shrimp brooch
vintage purse
*pictures by Thomas


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