Outfit: Romance Is In The Air

This dress just arrived in the mail giving me another excuse to dress up this week. While wearing it I found myself telling Thomas, "I wish I had dressed more like this in high school." On one hand I have few regrets for my self-conscious, bland style of dressing when I was younger because in the end all those experiences and choices have led to me being who I am today. And I'm usually pretty happy with who I am now. Besides I didn't really have disposable income at that age! Still sometimes I wonder how much more enjoyable my high school years would have been if I had been a less shy, bundle of nerves! Dressing up for me is a nice reminder of how much insecurity I've overcome. I can accept stares at my outlandish clothing (or occasionally odd colored hair!) not because I enjoy the attention, but because I've reached the point that wearing what makes me happy is more important than what other people think. I'm more comfortable at shrugging off negative attention and better at accepting compliments. Although the latter is still likely to make me blush!

Outfit details:
old tights
*pictures by Thomas


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