Outfit: Anchors Away

While I'm a sucker for photographing nautical themed clothing by a harbor or the shore, gale-force winds are a good reason to stay more inland. Still even if the setting isn't perfectly on theme I can't resist a bit of theatrical dressing. I have no aspirations of being an actress, but sometimes it's nice to dress like a character. Today it's a modern Gene Kelly naval musical (sort of like how Shirley Maclaine saw him in What A Way To Go)--so on-the-nose nautical as to be ridiculous. Boat shoes or a sailor's rucksack would have really overdone things!

Outfit details:
old coat
Rebecca Minkoff backpack
*pictures by Thomas



  1. You look so pretty dear! ♡
    Love your skirt with that sweater! ;)

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  2. I absolutely love this!!! Your hair colour is wonderful too!


  3. that sweater is so cute!
    xx nikki

  4. Loving the theme dressing. The coat is everything. Also, I am loving the backpack, my adventuring spirit combined with my bag lady tendencies makes a backpack the perfect carry-all.

  5. adorable, as always! that coat is perfection.

  6. Absolutely adore this outfit! The jacket in particular is spot on!

    One thing: I thought the right term is "Anchor's Aweigh!"...correct me if I'm wrong...

    Alive as Always

  7. @Bivisyani "Anchor's Aweigh" is a fight song associated with the US navy & technically the correct term, but I don't always use my blog post title to do the correct term. I more wanted a play on words here (like my "to bang or not to bang" post) and meant away as in away from the shoreline/sea/actual nautical things. It was supposed to point out that the outfit was in the wrong setting.

  8. I appreciate the play on words! I am a lover of good puns!



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