Outfit: Covered Bridge

This was my last hurrah in this vintage dress before listing it in my blog shop. I'm getting very picky about what clothes I'll keep when I move. It costs a lot to ship items you only wear on occasion and my new home is the size of a matchbox! An adorable matchbox, but teeny-tiny and lacking in closet space nonetheless. Since I have no desire to drown Thomas or myself in dresses, a number of pieces from my wardrobe have got to go!

Outfit details:
vintage dress (for sale here)
old belt
old oxfords (similar)


Helen Fielding said...

Gorgeous outfit. I love the way it all matches!
Good luck with choosing clothes for the move!

countrygirlcityfashion said...

I love your dress so much! This whole look is stunning. I really enjoy your vintage and retro style!

Bronwyn said...

such a cute dress. i love how you have done your hair!


minidigits said...

Please share a hair tutorial! It looks gorgeous!

Anna O. said...

Pretty !

Nikki Williams said...

your hair looks amazing!

xx nikki

mentinfusion said...

Loved the way you did your hair!