Outfit: Trendcasting

While a big trend coming out of fashion week is 70s, I'm feeling much more of a 60s vibe. Of course, fashion weeks around the world have perhaps never been more diverse and less easy to trendcast than now. Some collections are paring down, showing fewer looks and less extravagent clothes at lower price points and others are going the opposite; more looks, more embellishment, etc. While I'm certain in ten or twenty years we will be able to look back on this time and pick out some predominant styles, at the moment things seem more geared towards the individual than the mass than ever before. It's so easy to identify a photograph from the 50s or 70s based on dress--how easy will it be to indentify those taken now by the same markers? It's not that people in the past have never clinged to trends past their expiration date, but that mass fashion seems less uniform than ever before.

Outfit details:
old barrette
Oasap dress (sold out, also here)
Seychelles heels (old)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Ahhh this dress is perfection, reminds me of Valentino! Looking absolutely stunning as always <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous ! Could you tell me if these websites are sure : Oasap and Choies ? To be true, I read that it was a cheap quality and as I want to buy this dress (and another on Oasap) I would like to have your opinion. Thank you !

  3. Really cool dress! Looks fab with your hair!


  4. I was just having this discussion with someone, about how fashion is more individualized than ever before, and how little uniformity there is, which is incredibly liberating! Dressing for your individual style, and recognizing differences in body type, make fashion more accessible, and more fun!

  5. I feel the same way about the 2010s! It'w like there's a bit of everything, a blend of past decades, and I'm really curious how one will be able to pinpoint that in the future.
    Anyway, you dress is delightful and very Valentino.

  6. Your dress is just is just so lovely ! xx

  7. @Sam, I've had different experiences at both Choies & Oasap & also in different items from each shop. My dress is from Oasap and I saw it at Choies, so I linked to that one but I don't know if the quality will be identical between the 2 stores. This dress I think is good quality; full lined, a good fit (altho the small is a little loose on me) and a decent length. I don't have any loose threads and it's not see-through and the fabric doesn't feel funny. My order took a little over 2 weeks to arrive, but I consider that typical for the distance. I would use some caution with sizing; I'm 5'1" and usually wear an xs/0 in US stores and a small is usually a decent fit from Oasap or Choies and the skirts are the length I like (shorter!) but if you were taller I might worry about the length. Quality can also differ between items at the same shop--I just try to look carefully at pictures & the description of items before I purchase. Hope that helps.

  8. I had to do a double take with that dress, I thought it was Valentino! Such a great design x


  9. Love this look on you!!! Now there are those who would say a redhead shouldn't pick red clothes BUT you blast that out of the water and show how it's done :) And that retro loft - those chairs around the dining table -- another story for another time, my dear friend ....

  10. love that pink coat!

    xx nikki

  11. If you prefer the 60s vibe check Jonathan Saunders AW15. x

  12. What a perfect dress! I was in love with the Valentino coat that has a pattern very similar to this one, so in love that I even illustrated it! In case you want to take a look at it I leave you the url :)

    Valentino Coat F/W '14-15 Collection { If you can't have it, draw it! }

    Take care! xx

  13. That pink reflection on wet stone in the wide shot is just great! And the ombre effect on the columns just ads wonderfully to the contrast between the somber background and vibrant outfit. The door looks slightly ajar, making me think that you went inside. I wonder what it looked like.


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