Beauty: Easy Knotted Ponytail

I tried this hairstyle for the first time a few weeks ago and received so many compliments that I'll definitely be doing it again! And like many of the hairstyles I attempt, it's a lot less complicated than the final product looks. Essentially you tie a few knots in your hair and then finish with a ponytail. Of course my attempts at styling my hair are inevitably more successful when I'm not making a tutorial! When I try to photograph the process it means I have to stop between every step and shuffle back and forth in front of the camera...Anyway, it's simple enough you can achieve this style without a mirror and a lot of shuffling around.
How to:
-take two small sections of hair near the top of your head
-cross and tie them as if you are beginning to tie your shoes
-pull tight
-add some more small pieces of hair to your two sections
-repeat the cross and tie
-repeat the whole process 3-4 times
-finish by tying you hair into a ponytail


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