Outfit: Croatia Vintage

I love how special vintage dresses are. When I first started wearing vintage it was largely a budget decision; I found vintage cheaply in thrift stores or got good deals on eBay. I didn't have a lot of disposable income, but I wanted to wear nice and unique dresses. Now I invest less time in thrift shops searching, but many of my favorite pieces are still those decades old dresses with secrets sewn into the seams. I love the idea of my pieces having history before me and a future after me; that dresses new or old that I sell or donate will continue to be worn and enjoyed. In a dream future I'll be a grey-haired old lady and I'll randomly meet a young girl wearing a dress I had worn when I was younger. It would be such a thrill to see someone re-wearing and interpreting a dress I hadn't seen in years. It probably won't happen, but if it did...Anyway, all of that vintage rambling to say today I'm wearing one of those special vintage dresses, this one only borrowed from Croatia Vintage. Croatia Vintage has been one of my favorite shops for vintage on Etsy for a few years and it was fun to have a few of her lovely pieces on loan to briefly wear and appreciate, before passing them along to others who will add their own stories to the clothes.



  1. Lovely dress, nice print and pattern. Great look!

  2. they've been my favorite for years, too! my etsy wishlist is always filled with their gorgeous dresses (i even include ones that i know will never fit me--they're just too gorgeous!). this paisley number is so stunning and i can't wait to see what other lovely treasures you got to borrow. oh and that necklace is SO darling! x

  3. I love wearing vintage, it always feels like I'm carrying so many different stories with me every time I choose to wear it :) And this dress is sooo pretty!

  4. that braid is amazing!

    xx nikki

  5. Aw what a pretty outfit. The dress is lovely and the shoes match perfectly!

    Emma x

  6. That necklace looks beautiful.

  7. lovely <3
    your blog is adorable
    (kiss from

  8. Lovely dress! Truly something not in every store. And such a lovely thought that someday far far in the future someone walks by wearing a dress you´ve had... I have my mom's old dresses and hope to hand those down some day as well... :)

  9. It's a shame there's not as much vintage in charity shops these days, you really have to hunt for it. Still find the odd bit, but a second-hand dress is often a lot more interesting even if it's not that old. I love the ruffles on this one x


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