Art: The Women of Don Draper

With the end of an era behind us it seems fitting to share an artist's work inspired by what was one of my favorite television shows. Artist Hannah Choi has tackled the no-doubt exhausting task of drawing (in chronological order, although not chronological costume design) the signficant women in Don Draper's love life. I left out women from the final season to avoid spoilers, but it's still interesting to see what sort of trends in the type of women he is attracted to. Despite being in the business of advertising, Don always seems "sold" on whatever the current look is. How long after Betty was turned away from Coca-Cola for looking too Grace Kelly when they wanted "Audrey Hepburn" did he go for vaguely European brunette Megan? I'd love to see Choi (or someone else) tackle Roger's lovers next, which would be nearly as epic...let's not forget Ida Blankeship! More of Hannah Choi's work can be found on her site.


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