Outfit: Grecian

One of my style goals this summer is more maxi dresses. It's hard for me to escape my style norms but I'm working on it. This is the first summer that I actually feel really comfortable in a maxi dress--I like the way the skirt whispers as I walk and I like gathering a bit of fabric in my hand as I walk up stairs. And despite a long dress like this being quite different to what I usually wear, this time it doesn't feel like a costume.

Outfit details:
Seychelles sandals
vintage purse
*pictures by Thomas


Maria Filar said...

This dress totally reminds me of my favorite painting, "Madame X" by Sargent. Love it!

Ruby Sterland said...

You look beautiful, and love your hair! The colour, the way you styled it and the headband are all amazing x


Jessica said...

This dress is absolutely stunning! I love the off the shoulder style (very Madame X, as someone said above), it really looks gorgeous on you. These photos are beautiful.

Vani Sagita said...

You look so so so elegant! A nice pearly head piece in different size and the dress like supporting each other. Oh,and a perfect background too! :D


Anna said...

I love the elegance in longer pieces, especially in the Summer. I'm quite short, so I haven't found any maxis or more flowy pieces that suit my height or shape yet! You look absolutely breathtaking here.

Becca said...


xoxo Becca

Bronwyn said...

that dress is so elegant, you look so dreamy!


Liz C said...

This dress is beautiful! I was thinking of ordering it and was wondering if it's true to size?

kelsey_the farmer's daughter said...

you look like a goddess! so so lovely <3 I have the same goal concerning maxi dresses...and I hope to acquire a few I love this Summer!