Travel Diaries: Honeymoon in Matera Pt2

I am working on a moderately handy travel guide post for Matera based on our visit, but there are too many beautiful pictures of the city to be limited to that post! We thought the city looked beautiful when we researched visiting but we were still blown away by how breath-taking it was. You turn a corner and you find a cobbled stairway with stone arches and creeping vines and old wooden doors--your eyes almost become tired of absorbing the details. I suppose the twisting alleyways and sloping stairs can become confusing and you could get easily lost, but since we hardly ever set out with a specific destination in mind or a lot of hurry we loved every moment of wandering.



  1. what a cool area! Your pictures are breathtaking - what a view, what a town!!

    I love that free people dress on you, too. You're one of the only people I've seen who can wear a dress nearly every day and ROCK IT!

  2. This city is beautiful! Makes me want to explore every corner. I'm really loving the architecture. Lovely photos as usual. :)

  3. Stunning photos, love all your looks too! Can't wait to see the travel guide post <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  4. Aww, your photos are beautiful and you look so happy! Some of your photos remind me of the old moat that you used to take photos in back in the day. Congrats on your marriage and honeymoon. :)

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  6. I love your style! Just curious, how much do you spend like in general on clothes and where do you like to go shopping?

  7. @Katie, where I got items is always listed in posts, so that's also where I like to shop. I prefer to shop online than to spend a day at the mall; the exception being when I go vintage or antique shopping--that's a day I enjoy just browsing! My budget isn't a set amount, it's just disposable income after I pay my bills, put a little away in savings, and budget out food/etc. Because a lot of my work is freelance it's different every month, but I'll add it's less than people think; one of the reasons people think my wardrobe is so big isn't because I shop all of the time but because I wear things again and again. The shoes in this post are nearly 3 years old, 2 of the dresses featured are over a year old, etc.

  8. I love Matera! Your beautiful red hair in that white are very lovely and your photos are so nice :)


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