Beauty: Easy Twisted Milkmaid Braids

I'm getting addicted to these twist braids or rope braids, as someone told me they're also called. It's a little bit of a trick keeping your twists from unraveling and since I've learned how to do that I'm trying the twist in every form possible. They're replacing my typical braids, so it was inevitable that one of my classic hairstyles--milkmaid braids--would get the twist makeover as well.
How to:
-separate your hair into two pigtails
-create two twist/rope braids; rope braids are created by twisting two sections of hair in the same direction and then crossing/twisting them over each other in the opposite direction
-try to pull, twist your hair at an angle towards the back of your head (same as you would braid your hair for milkmaid braids)
-pin up one side, then the other, tucking and pinning the ends underneath 


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