Outfit: Bluebird

"The blue bird carries the sky on his back." Henry David Thoreau

You know what is really difficult? Trying to get an in focus shot of you riding your bicycle very, very slowly past your tripod. I think I've given up on a shot of me actually riding the bike when I'm taking my own pictures and these posing with it will have to suffice. Even without the riding shot this is sort of a landmark for me; my first bike ride in heels (very short heels, but heels none the less). It wasn't so bad and the extra height was actually handy for getting on and off my bicycle which is slightly too tall for me. The heels are also the only new thing I'm wearing; they're from Royal Vintage Shoes which specializes in modern shoes that look vintage. You can shop by the decade you're interested in; mine are 1930s style and I think they'll complement so many of my vintage (and vintage-looking) dresses.

Outfit details:
old dress
Bill Skinner ring
*all pictures are self-portraits by me*



  1. This shoot is super adorable and your outfit is gorgeous! I can only imagine motion shots on a tripod would be difficult, but these images turned out so lovely.

  2. These shots are so enchanting. My favorite thing you've posted of late (other than the fish-eye photos - those were amazing!).

  3. Utterly wonderful and dreamy! The only thing missing is a small dog in the bike's basket ;)

    My latest blog post: St Pancras City Pooch Break

  4. i'm sorry you struggled with the motion shots :/ but i'm not gonna lie, the thought of you riding past your camera multiple times gave me a little giggle (i'm sorry). i love how pretty and feminine this is!! the full skirt and the sweet florals and the soft bow and the ribbons in the shoes are just so ahhhh. i like it so much i'm struggling to form words haha


  5. So pretty!
    I love your booties and that cute little ring..chirp chirp!
    Samantha @FF

  6. Beautiful and artistic photos! You look adorable!


  7. Your dress is so lovely and brings out the red in your hair so well! Beautiful photo set :)

  8. So cute. And very much like a fairytale (I think the picture with your back-turned would make such a cute book or album cover. I'd pick it up anyway...)

    Just stumbled upon your blog, but liking it so far :)


  9. Gorgeous outfit! I love the dreamy look of the images.

    Indya x

  10. These are some of the most lovely photos I've seen in a while. Stunning.

  11. You look like Alice in Wonderland.Amaizing pictures.I have noticed that all your pictures are planned very well so your outfits and locations are trully match:)Who takes your pictures? They seem very professional.Anyway,you have very good taste in fashion and the look to show it off.Good luck with your blogs!!!Sofia,from Israel.

  12. @Unknown/Sofia, thank you! I took these pictures myself. I take most of the pictures on the blog myself. On many days I just ride my bicycle or walk around until I see a spot that looks nice for pictures--gives me a bit of exercise and helps me get nice photographs. :)

  13. Really?! Wow!How is it possible to make such amazing pictures by yourself?!You are very talented and artistic girl.How old are you?I learned a little photography by myself,but I would never think taking such pictures of myself by myself☺.How precise should you be to succeed making such perfect pictures?! I am stunned☺.

  14. Hi Sofia, thanks so much! I've actually answered all of these questions in my FAQ, so you should check that out. I also have links there about how I take pictures with instructions on how to take your own if you want to improve your photography. :)
    FAQ here


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