Outfit: Bluebird

"The blue bird carries the sky on his back." Henry David Thoreau

You know what is really difficult? Trying to get an in focus shot of you riding your bicycle very, very slowly past your tripod. I think I've given up on a shot of me actually riding the bike when I'm taking my own pictures and these posing with it will have to suffice. Even without the riding shot this is sort of a landmark for me; my first bike ride in heels (very short heels, but heels none the less). It wasn't so bad and the extra height was actually handy for getting on and off my bicycle which is slightly too tall for me. The heels are also the only new thing I'm wearing; they're from Royal Vintage Shoes which specializes in modern shoes that look vintage. You can shop by the decade you're interested in; mine are 1930s style and I think they'll complement so many of my vintage (and vintage-looking) dresses.

Outfit details:
old dress
Bill Skinner ring
*all pictures are self-portraits by me*


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