Outfit: Daisy Bell

Fashion experts usually recommend keeping a print in proportion to your size, which would mean that at 5'1" all of my prints should be small and dainty. But even though I am petite I get tired of small and dainty things; sometimes I want big, bold jewelry, chunky heels, and flowers the size of my head on a sundress! At the end of the day, fashion rules are handy in knowing what "flatters" you, but they shouldn't control all of your decisions. Style happens when we stop following the rules and start dressing to express ourselves.

Outfit details:
Tieks flats
P.S. Tutorial for this hairstyle here.


Marli Neves said...

I love how you mix different patterns and it still looks good! I love this one.


JessicaMC said...

I don't think you should worry about wearing smaller prints - be as bold and big as you like. That dress looks lovely on you. xo


bestie said...

you look positively radiant! and yes: agree, agree, agree. x

Polkadot Pink said...

I just get lost in your blog, the words and photography! I love the tutorial for this hairstyle, I'm going to try it later! It may help me survive this British heatwave!
Donna x

Liv said...

Such a beautiful print.



Livia S. said...

This dress looks just perfect on you! I must agree with the fashion rules! We can wear what the heck we want to and also what we feel like wearing, I believe that is a very important point of self expression!

Rachael // Paraders said...

You do YOU! The big print looks great on you! :)

xo Rachael / The Paraders

katou36 said...

Your dress is very cute !! :)

Minau said...

Such a lovely dress! Love that kimono!