Outfit: Fruit Salad

It took awhile, but I too have fallen for the pineapple trend. It's sort of interesting how different fruits or animals become trends in fashion--popping on sweaters, as purses, and prints. For me it was a love of yellow that sucked me into this pineapple sweater; combined with my bananas shorts I feel like a walking fruit salad and I'm ok with that. I just wonder what the "hot fruit" of next summer will be.

Outfit details:
old sunglasses
old sandals (similar)
old purse (similar)
*pictures by me



  1. i love this outfit, the fruit is so cute!

  2. Love those shorts and I wish my hair was half as thick as yours, it's so gorgeous. Also love the editing in these pics too, the colour is perfect!

  3. Love the outfit! I've been in love with a light jumper that has a pear on it for the better part of 2 months.
    Shorts are adorable! I don't understand how you can be wearing them in the Northern Irish weather, though! I'm over here at the moment and getting around in a coat! (Clearly I am a delicate tropical flower.)

  4. your hair is looking particularly glorious in these <3

  5. Super-cute fruit salad.... :-)
    I also took a while to grab the pineapple trend and give it a shake.
    Now that everyone is over it...I might enjoy wearing.

  6. So in love with that jumper!!! Pineapple print has been my favourite fruit print this summer! And those sunglasses are lush!

    Really love your style and posts all the time!

    Mollie @ http://mollieisabella.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  7. That fourth photo down is so very Wes Anderson :)

  8. Absolutely adore this outfit. I was curious how the sizing with your romwe clothing is compared to other brands? If it's not too personal of a question what sizes do you wear in Romwe vs. other clothing?

  9. @Maddie Weinstein, Romwe runs small. Most smalls fit more like xs. Skirts/dresses tend to be more minis too if you're a tall person, since I'm petite the sizing works for me. If it's a one size fits most item then I'd find the fit would be more small-medium rather than large.


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