Outfit: Outlander

One of my big *guilty pleasures* is the Outlander series (I don't actually feel any guilt about it). After watching the first season I tore through the first three books which are just as good as the television series; Diana Gabaldon has a very entertaining writing voice and lively sense of humor as well as being able to weave a realistic world and characters. If you're familiar with the series you can see how it relates to today's photographs, but unlike our heroine Claire I walked through the stones and was not whisked into 18th-century Scotland (or Ireland as my case would likely be). But there was an eerie feel in the grey, windy day that as you walked around these standing stones you felt like something could happen.
Ireland is wonderfully rich in folklore and local legend which makes tales like Outlander feel not-too-distant. I might feel a bit theatrically dressed as I wander around in a long white gown and flower crown, but standing next to these standing stones my outfit feels fitting. I look forward to exploring more curious spots like this around my new country and learning some of the legends as I go. October makes for a perfect month to visit fairy rings, chambered cairns, and vampire graves.

*pictures by Thomas*


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