Outfit: Agatha Inspired

If you needed any further evidence that the inspiration posts I make influence how I style myself, look no further than this post. After compiling all of my inspiration pictures for my Wes Anderson ladies post last week this outfit that is so clearly Agatha (from Grand Budapest Hotel) inspired emerged from my closet. It's funny because hardly anything I'm wearing is new (the dress has been in my closet for months, the jacket's been around for at least four years, the mittens are from last winter, etc), but it's a combination I never would have thought of before. But you start to break-down the details in your favorite collections or styles in movies and patterns and colors emerge that you can emulate with pieces in your own wardrobe. It's not an Agatha costume exactly, but I can't look at it and not start thinking about Mendl's pastries.
details: hair clip, Chicwish dress, tights, brogues c/o Cloggs, saddle purse, old trench, old mittens
*pictures by Thomas*  



  1. I simply adore how you can pull inspiration from so many different places and create an ensemble so picturesque of its original inspiration:)

  2. Lovely outfit. These colours work perfectly together. The sleeves are so pretty!

  3. The mix of neutrals in this outfit is so breathtaking.

  4. Love Agatha's style and this is the most gorgeous inspired look! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  5. Really wonderful outfit. As always. I was wondering if I could pick your brain a second ... how did you manage to move so far and keep your shoes, jewelry and purses intact, and how do you store it all where you live? I don't mean to be intrusive just curious and in need of advice for packing/storing myself!

    Thank you in advance, if you feel up to answering!

  6. @Jenny, I had to hire shippers to move my things, since I was moving permanently it really wasn't a question of fitting stuff into suitcases or boxing it up myself (I had furniture I wanted to bring and an antique mirror, etc). So the shippers I hired actually do the packing for you, a few things got a bit damaged (as always happens in a move it seems, I've moved every 3 years growing up and when we moved from Germany back to the States the shippers lost our dinnerware while everything else came through intact) but most things were ok and usually you purchase insurance with your shippers as well so if they damage things you claim the value to them. So if you're moving permanently and have big things you want to move I'd look at shippers in your area; Angie's List is really good for this.
    If it's just clothes you're taking then you can pack them yourself in suitcases & bring them in stages or have friends/family bring them to you when they visit (i.e. a checked bag of their stuff, a carryon of your stuff & no extra fees!) or you can box stuff up but that gets expensive pretty quick.
    I don't have a crazy amount of stuff to store, I got rid of a lot of clothes before I moved and we have sorted out storage in our own home in a way that works for our space. Each home/apartment is going to be unique in storage so there's not much specific I can say that will really help; Thomas built a few storage units in specific sizes to fit the nooks and crannies of our home and Ikea is really helpful with ideas for small spaces if you're also moving into a small space. It's all about seeing the possibilities of your space--in a hallway with a high ceiling what can you do to fill the walls that's also useful? Is there storage space under your bed? But it's hard to be specific because I don't know what sort of space you're moving into.

  7. This outfit is perfect! A few years ago my husband and I dressed up as Sam and Suzie from Moonrise Kingdom. I don't have a costume this year so maybe I'll pull those out again!


  8. I definitely see Agatha from Grand Budapest Hotel! It's your hairstyle! Ever since I saw your post on milkmaid braids, they've become a staple whenever I'm feeling dressy.

  9. Rebecca, thanks so much for your response! I have a lot of jewelry, bags and shoes for one thing, that I am afraid will get distorted, tangled, or damaged in the move. Not sure how to tackle that aspect. I don't have any really precious furniture, so if that got damaged I could deal. I will have a decent sized closet and will be able to tuck things under my bed and in nooks and crannies. I guess mostly I was curious how I could pack that stuff myself and not have it end up a big damaged mess!


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