Outfit: Hands On

Lazzari is a brand that has been in my radar for awhile, but this is the first time I have a piece by them. Lazzari is cute, quirky, and feminine--all of these elements are easily visible in my new dress. A classic check print and brown skirt serve as backdrops for a bright red collar and quirky hand pins (which are brooches you can remove and use on other garments, very spiffy). Anyway, as always I'm a fan of these elements in fashion--unique without being over-the-top, classic without being staid, feminine without being saccharine, etc.
The whole "balance" to the look actually calls to mind another topic I've been ruminating on lately; that topic being between "special snowflakes" who are accused of being obsessed with their specialness and the other insult that a woman you don't like is "basic," where exactly are we as individuals to fall? Whenever we declare someone else is "basic" aren't we saying that we ourselves are so much more unique and special than them? And how are you supposed to be unique enough to not be basic but not too unique as to be a snowflake? It makes being a woman feel like a tightrope act. I hope to write a proper post about it one day, but today I'm enjoying early autumn and new dresses. There will be plenty of colder, greyer days ahead that lend themselves to lengthy, thoughtful essays, for today I think I'd rather go on a walk. 
My face when I took the cardigan off to show the dress better and it got stuck on a vine. 

details: vintage cardigan, Lazzari dress, tights, old oxfords (similar), Betsey Johnson purse
*all pictures by me*



  1. What a fun and unique piece! Thanks for introducing me to the brand!


    Laura Aime Vous

  2. You are always so cute, oh my goodness! I love your style. ;)

  3. Beautiful autumn day :). I hate the word basic..I'm so removed from it, I had to have it explained to me when I first heard it.

  4. I love the hands on the collar of that dress, what a great detail!

    I try my hardest not to label others but to judge them as individuals - I think you run the risk of losing sight of others as actual people when labeling them (such as thinking ah she's so basic we'd never have anything in common etc). People are people, and everyone has more than one quality to them. I think it's silly to judge someone based on one aspect of their person.


  5. That pic with your cardigan stuck is so dang cute. I'm glad you included it! :)

  6. This outfit is so cute. Those hand pins are such a nice touch.
    I would love to read an essay about the fine line women are expected to walk between "basic" and "snowflake".


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