Outfit: Newsies

I had to snap these pictures quickly because I was meeting Thomas and we had made plans for the evening, so I didn't get a chance to shoot many close-ups or try different angles the way I normally would. Still, I liked the outfit a lot so I decided to share them anyway. For all of my love of colors this fall I'm feeling much more drawn to a palette of neutrals and more browns that I usually have in my closet; I'll probably be re-wearing this skirt from last winter a lot and my tan beret is already in pretty heavy rotation. Brown is a color that never appeals to me on the rack when I'm shopping, but whenver I do end up getting brown pieces I end up loving how many ways I can wear them and how they're less harsh than black basics.
*all pictures by me*



  1. That skirt is so cute! I love the cut and the detail of the buttons. I've been trying to do more browns and tans for my neutrals - I own so much white and black! While those are great, I really want to expand my wardrobe.


  2. Love this outfit! Perfect for autumn.

  3. i like how this outfit has school girl elements (braids, over-the-knees, and the conservative heels) that are transformed by the edgy leather jacket. and it all looks so warm and autumnal!


  4. I'm loving your last posts, full of fall colors, with those oranges and browns that suit you so well. And thanks for sharing those landscapes, I'm growing eager to visit Ireland again... Autumn looks like a nice time for a short trip to Ireland. Have a beutiful day!

  5. What a beautiful outfit! I love these pictures, they don't look rushed at all to me!


    Laura Aime Vous


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