Outfit: Retro Red Polka Dots

Sometimes it's fun to do the matchy-matchy retro thing. Most days I'd rather mix up my vintage influences into something less staid and more modern, but occasionally it's fun to try to do as literal a vintage look as possible...of course every piece I'm wearing is actually modern. Rather ironic considering I do have a lot of vintage in my closet! Anyway the inspiration point for this outfit was actually the gloves. I'm so excited about this style of glove from Unique Vintage; they're so retro with the little cut-outs but are actually touch gloves so you can continue using your devices while wearing them. They're so perfect I got this pair and another set in black. But it was putting the matching gloves with the dress that tipped me into retro styling. I should have done a more retro hairstyle as well, but despite the sun and the fact I didn't wear my jacket for most of these pictures it was a true October day and I wanted a hat so I could stay a bit warm!
*all pictures by me*


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