Outfit: Along The Tracks

We might not have a pumpkin patch to visit this year but that doesn't mean we haven't been snapping up every available pumpkin! Well not *every* available pumpkin although someone at the store did quip "leave some for the rest of us!" when they saw our shopping cart full of pumpkins. Never fear concerned stranger, there were many pumpkins we left behind--after all there are only so many our tiny house can fit. The house feels marvelously cozy lately with it's pumpkin-lined windows and a Woodwick candle lending a quiet crackling to our main room in absence of a fireplace. My outfits are also getting decidedly cozier as well as I pile on more layers and cozy extras to combat the growing chill in the air. Fall is so much about the accessories--sweet gloves, and warm scarves, nutty brown brogues that match the fall leaves... 


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