Outfit: Equestrian

This outfit only feels very vaguely equestrian, but since my wallet features a gold horse the title still seems appropriate. Also here's your British/American English lesson for the day: I would call this horse accessory a wallet (although here I'm using it like a clutch) but Thomas and most of his friends just call it a purse. Therefore a purse is a handbag to the Brits. So when I ask Thomas to hand me my purse because he's sitting closer to it, he rifles around inside my purse and hands me my wallet (when really what I wanted was my chapstick!). Just one of the subtle differences in our language that pops up every now and then. Whatever you call it, this new horse ~accessory~ is replacing a quite abused old wallet and makes me feel quite snazzy.
Also making me feel snazzy (despite my unsnazzy coughing and sniffling between pictures) is this gorgeous navy blazer from Joules. You'll be seeing a lot more of it because I'm completely in love with pretty much every detail of it; it fits like a gloves, features the sweetest mix of buttons, is deliciously cosy, and the faux fur collar is detachable. If you are similarly a fan of this jacket or other Joules pieces use code "CLOTHES20" to get 20% off full priced items from now until November 25th.

*all pictures by me*

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