Outfit: Just My Cup Of Tea

With these giant tea cups in the woods I'm one step closer to imitating Tim Walker. People sometimes day my pictures remind them of fairytales and that's exactly the world my favorite photographer--Tim Walker--constructs and captures. Pastel cats, giant apples and cameras, Wild Things in the Black Forest; Tim Walker creates and re-imagines so many marvelous fairytales. None of his work is done in Photoshop; those curious creatures and enormous pearls are all real objects created for his photographs. One day I'd like to create the type of images he does, complete with giant props I make myself. Until then I think you can still see the similarities (ha!) in our images, in the sense that I clearly admire his work and strive for a similar aesthetic. For today I got lucky with some giant tea cups in a park that make me feel a little like Alice in Wonderland.

vintage hat, Romwe coat, old scarf, Family Affairs dress, old necklaces, tights, Modcloth heels
*pictures by Thomas* 



  1. Ok, that last photo is pretty much perfection. :)

  2. Haha, I love this! So cute :)

  3. This is just so stinkin' cute! I love how the color of the leaves matches your hair.

  4. These photos are amazing and I love the prints!

    Hannah | Oh January

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  6. I love these photos they are so cute and the last one is awesome!


  7. Firstly the giant teacups are the coolest sculpture. Your photos look amazing as always, the last one is hilarious. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

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  9. wow, that's just great!
    Where is this park exactly, does it really exist?
    Thanks for the answer!

  10. Amazing! I really love the fairytale feeling of your pictures, so these giant sculptures just make it even more pitch perfect :) laughing so much with your last one, Alice in Wonderland cuteness!

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  11. This spot is amazing and your photos are gorgeous. I seriously need those shoes though!

  12. I love you last pic! And the outfit of course! I checked out your coat! It is so pretty! I have some nice fabric in my stash that would love to be turned into a similar coat. Now I need some time to cut the pattern.

  13. What a wonderful set of photos!

    I too really love the aesthetic of fairytale like photos - I have a friend who's done a lot of work similar to Tim Walker, and I just love it!

    Also, I own those shoes as well and I'm so glad I snatched them up! They're a lot more comfortable than I expected, although I did need to go half a size up from my usual.


  14. Oh, wow! These are the coolest/cutest photos I've seen all day. Love, love, love!


  15. These pictures are adorable and are definitely reminiscent of Tim Walker's work! I don't know anything about Tim Walker but your photos definitely have similarities. I wonder what's the story behind those large teacups.

    How To Be More Like Lauren

  16. This is adorable! As a fellow redhead, I love seeing the color schemes that you use in your outfits! Such great inspiration.

  17. Haha, that last picture is everything! Love this series!

  18. This is beyond perfection! I can't believe that it's not photoshoped!! AMAZING!!!!

    xx Michaela

  19. I can definitely feel the Tim Walker vibes in your photographs ~ those teacups are just everything perfect! Love this series so much! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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