Outfit: Just My Cup Of Tea

With these giant tea cups in the woods I'm one step closer to imitating Tim Walker. People sometimes day my pictures remind them of fairytales and that's exactly the world my favorite photographer--Tim Walker--constructs and captures. Pastel cats, giant apples and cameras, Wild Things in the Black Forest; Tim Walker creates and re-imagines so many marvelous fairytales. None of his work is done in Photoshop; those curious creatures and enormous pearls are all real objects created for his photographs. One day I'd like to create the type of images he does, complete with giant props I make myself. Until then I think you can still see the similarities (ha!) in our images, in the sense that I clearly admire his work and strive for a similar aesthetic. For today I got lucky with some giant tea cups in a park that make me feel a little like Alice in Wonderland.

vintage hat, Romwe coat, old scarf, Family Affairs dress, old necklaces, tights, Modcloth heels
*pictures by Thomas* 


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